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Personal Care| Heart to Heart Senior Care Center, Inc. | Madison, Mississippi

Personal Care Services

We have specially trained caregivers to provide assistance with various tasks of daily living. 


Showering can be a frightening and daunting task for some seniors. To combat these fears, we have incorporated a spa-like environment. We provide soothing aromas and mood music to produce a calming experience. We can also heat the room for those accustomed to a warmer room when the shower is completed. The last finishing touch to our shower experience is applying soothing lotion.


Numerous factors can impact seniors from participating entirely at mealtime. We assess every participant individually to ensure they are assisted in every way possible. We have specialized plates and silverware for different types of needs. We encourage everyone in various ways to ensure they are satisfied to the fullest for mealtime and will provide hands-on assistance if required. 


It is important that every participant has a chance to take a break and visit a restroom. Our caregivers will assist each participant to the bathroom on a schedule based on their individual needs. We encourage and provide supervision for the process up to hands-on assistance if required. 


Properly trimmed nails are essential for proper hygiene and balance. We assist with trimming fingernails and toenails and will also help with polish. We believe this is a time to be pampered, so we add a spa twist to the experience by using aromas and lotions during and after. 

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