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The mission of Heart-to-Heart Senior Care Center is to provide a compassionate environment that focuses on promoting individualism and encouraging independence so that each person can stay longer in their home with family. We also strive to bring as many services as possible to the families and their loved ones to limit outpatient visits. 


We endeavor to create an atmosphere of community where every participant is respected and valued and becomes a contributing member of the whole. We affirm the worth and dignity of every person in a welcoming, nurturing, and safe environment. In everything we do, we conduct ourselves with compassion, caring, patience, understanding, determination, and the highest standards of safety and professionalism, to support and improve the well-being and quality of life of those we serve.​

Core Values

H = Honor and Integrity

We place value in the tasks we do every day and our care. We always do what is suitable for the community and the community members we serve.

E = Elder Care and Respect

We hold admiration for those we serve and strive to learn about their past to celebrate their accomplishments in life. 

A = Attitude

We maintain a positive attitude while we cater to the needs of those that depend on us. We leave all our problems at the door before entering.

R = Residents’ (Community Member) needs always come first

We always put those that we serve ahead of our own needs.

T = Teamwork

We work to complete our tasks because caring for others is not easy and cannot be achieved alone.

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