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Questions that need answering about Dementia?

Here are some podcasts to assist you with the information you need. 

Dementia Untangled

By Banner Health

This podcast explores unique topics related to dementia through conversations with physicians, experts, and community leaders—focusing on innovative ideas, practical strategies, and proven methods to create a supportive path for caregivers. Reach out to us with questions or comments at

Adult Day Care

Daughterhood, The Podcast

By Rosanne Corcoran

Rosanne graduated with an English Communications degree from Cabrini University. For the past 4+ years, she has been the primary caregiver for her mother who lives with Rosanne’s family. Finding herself part of a growing caregiver community in need of both support and critical information, she has conducted exhaustive research into caregiving strategies for aging parents. "To assist this community and share her learnings, Rosanne started a regional Daughterhood Circle in the Philadelphia suburbs and created “Daughterhood The Podcast” to engage a dynamic group of subject matter experts to help others navigate these uncharted waters.

Healing Ties

by Christopher MacLellan, The Bow Tie Guy™

Author of "What's The Deal With Caregiving?" and featured in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated caregiving story "In Sickness and Health; A Couple's Final Journey", Christopher MacLellan is affectionately known nation-wide as The Bow Tie Guy in the vast network of family caregivers. Sharing stories with host Christopher MacLellan, guests reveal how they are creating Healing Ties in their community by their words, actions, and deeds.

The "D" Word

by Pete Hill

The ‘D’ Word is the UK’s only dementia based radio show. Talking to experts and people living with dementia presenter Pete Hill aims to raise the profile of the condition that affects 50 million across the globe.

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