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Daytime Senior Care & Activities
Heart to Heart Senior Care Center, Inc. | Adult Day Care| Madison, Mississippi
adult day care center
adult day care center
adult daycare center
adult daycare center
adult daycare center


From your heart to ours!

If we can't change the outcome, let's change the journey together!

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What exactly do we do?

We specialize in enriching the lives of our members, whether they are a senior adult seeking something to do, someone suffering from dementia, or a young adult with cognitive disabilities. Our motto is "We can not change dementia(or any other disability), but we can change the journey!"

Our founder and CEO is a nurse that has worked with dementia patients for over ten years and has extensive training, and has assisted many families with the care of their loved ones. 

Our goal is to provide a welcoming and fun atmosphere for seniors and other adults to help them maintain and keep their independence for as long as possible. We achieve this through various activities focusing on building relationships, physical fitness, and cognitive exercises. 

We are a perfect solution if you or your loved one has memory loss or dementia, are unbalanced, have poor speech, or are just lonely. We are also a great solution for family members who still have work obligations or just need a day due to the stress of caregiving. 

We love technology and utilize it in our everyday activities. We primarily use a touchscreen TV that comes equipped with hundreds of activities that engage and stimulate our members. We are able to play games, listen to music, sing songs, watch and listen to sermons and devotionals, participate in telehealth, engage with trivia and word games, exercise, and the list goes on!

Language Barrier? Not an issue for us. We have a device that effectively translates over 130 languages from their native language into English and vice versa. 

We also help with nutrition throughout the day. We provide two snacks a day and a lunch with dessert. Our meals are person-centered because we give the power of options to our members. We have a variety of 10-15 different lunch items to choose from that range from Cajun Chicken Pasta to Surf and Turf. 

Worried about the cost? We have programs for every budget type. Come one day a week for four hours or come five days a week for 8+ hours. Take a week off if you need a break without worrying about having to pay a penalty fee. We are very flexible to your needs and put YOU first!


We use Virtual Reality to bring a different type of experience to our members. We have over 250 different experiences that we have access to that gives us the ability to immerse our members in a 360-degree world that they normally wouldn't have access to see. These experiences range from taking tours of cities around the world to swimming with fish in the ocean. Please visit our VR experiences page to view all the different experiences. 

One of our gaming systems uses a projector that projects games onto a table, floor, or wall. This is a great small group activity to enhance group play, and it gives our members the ability to exercise their minds and body while building friendships. 


We provide transportation to and from our community in our luxury van equipped with cooling and heating. Our driver is a nurse that is certified in CPR and has extensive experience with transferring from a wheelchair to the seat. We use assistive devices to aid in the transfer process to make it a smooth experience. 


“To care for those that once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” 

-Tia Walker

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