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Exercising your brain can slow the progress of dementia.

Many of us find ourselves in this situation, "(Mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, spouse, etc.) is at home alone and they just watch TV all day."

We worry about their safety. Have they fallen? Did they take their medication? Will they get lost if they walk outside?

We also worry about them being sad or lonely while they are home alone.

Dementia and memory loss is very concerning as we age and like any other muscle in our body, we need to exercise our brain to help slow this process down.

A trial funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has found that cognitive training for older adults can last as long as 10 years.

Sharon Tennstedy, Ph.D., vice president of the New England Research Institutes said, "It's like going to the gym 10 years ago and doing some strength training, and you still have good arm strength 10 years later." "You are maybe not quite as strong as you were then, but there is still benefit."

This study involved more than 2,800 participants with ages ranging from 65 to 94 from a wide range of groups. Volunteers received 10 one-hour sessions of brain training over five to six weeks while others received no training. The results at the 10 year follow up showed less decline in cognitive abilities of the participants that participated in the brain training vs those who did not.

We provide two 30-minute sessions of hands-on brain exercise with the company Happy Neuron, who specializes in brain exercise.

If you're concerned about your loved ones at home that are aging with or without current memory loss please contact us to see if we can help.

We provide free memory screening!

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